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24 years on the web in August!!

"I want to make a website, but I'm not sure where to start."
"Why do some companies charge extra for everything?"
"How can I get on-line and accept credit cards right away?"
"I can't justify spending  a fortune on web development, when I'm not sure if my website will generate income."

by Mitch Cohen - Webmaster
Sound familiar? Now, with SiteRightNow, you can make your own website for personal or business use. I created the SiteRightNow control panel web builder to speed up my own web design to help small businesses who couldn't afford an expensive web design project. My wife thought it would be a good idea to let the public use it!  In August of 2000, we launched  24 years later we are still here with wonderful dedicated customers who love our classic control panel.  We've updated as the web has changed, but the way it works is still the same. People love it because it's straightforward and easy, and it works the way it always worked. It's reliable, classic, and there when you need it. Thank you to all of our customers. Some of you are still with us from 24 years ago! We appreciate your continued business.



Customer Testimonial:
"The SiteRightNow software is so easy to use, we hardly ever need technical assistance.  But the few times we do, our problem is addressed and resolved very quickly.  When there’s any trouble at all, you get the kind of service that lets you know your issue is as important to them as it is to you.  We’ve used SRN for more than ten years now—for all of our web sites—and we’re very comfortable telling anyone undecided that SRN is the way to go.  Thanks for your great customer support."
NAR Associates

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Rottweiler website
Kim Canazzi Photography

Web builder for the blind Web builder for visually impaired
Our web builder is popular with visually impaired and blind users, since it is text based. Blind and visually impaired users often use screen readers that read the text out loud. Here is a link to one of our customers who provides classified news for the blind and visually impaired:

On, everything you need to make a web site is included:

  • Great for beginners! Anyone can do it. Just fill out simple forms with our classic control panel, and it makes your website.
  • Choose and register your own domain name ( or use one you already own.
  • Make your own website, including an unlimited number of pages!
  • No Programming Required! Just fill in simple on-line forms with your information.
  • Build your own family website
  • Make your own personal website
  • Create your own e-commerce business website
  • Upload your own graphics or choose from our on-line library.
  • Make changes and updates to your web pages with ease.
  • Announce your website on the major search engines
  • Get marketing help and advice
  • Get as much free support as you need. Don't worry if you are a beginner.
  • Even sell your products on-line with instant e-commerce.
    Check out the latest pricing along with more details..

We are proud that was created with SiteRightNow!

We created the web pages you are viewing on our website using SiteRightNow! As far as we know, we are the only company who thinks enough about their website builder (or has a powerful enough website builder) to use it for their own website. Every other website building service we have seen uses a "template" approach, which we think makes it more difficult to build a custom website. We think our approach is more open ended using general "page styles" allowing you more freedom with the way you present your website content. We are proud that we were able to use our own SiteRightNow control panel to create our own website. We update our site constantly using the same control panel that our customers use. You can create your own web pages like the ones you see on our website using your own SiteRightNow Control Panel. If you can't figure out how we did something, contact us at, and we'll be glad to show you how. Check out the latest pricing along with more details.  Read about how it all started with our site launch in August 2000

Learn About HTML

Even though SiteRightNow takes care of all of your website programming, we know that there are do-it-yourselfers out there who enjoy learning how things work. Learn about how to make a website using programming and the HTML language by checking out!

How to Create a Web Page at

The information on this site includes a very good overview of HTML programming for beginners and a convenient reference for experienced programmers!

Here is a great HTML and CSS reference website that comes in very handy:

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