Free Graphics
Animation Factory
This is a great site with over 30,000 original animations for use on Websites.

You will find a large catalog of eye catching animations that you can use as a headline graphic or as an article graphic on your control panel. Many of these are free for non-commercial sites. They also offer a subscription for commercial sites that will allow you to access their entire library. Follow the instructions on the site for saving their graphics. Then use the BROWSE button near the headline graphic or article graphic area of your WORK ON CONTENT page to upload them to your pages.

New! SiteRightNow has now licensed a number of our favorite Animation Factory graphics. You will find these as selections available on your control panel! Note that these images are copyrighted by Animation Factory. Additional graphics are available from Animation Factory directly through the link above.

Absolute Cross Backgrounds (Textures)
This site has a cool collection of 500 abstract-style seamless textures that work great on our system as a BACKGROUND. I used one of these on our home page! offers a generous terms of use allowing use of these textures in the design of any website for free. (you cannot offer these in a collection or for download). Check out their site for details.

School Icons Club
This website has some very attractive backgrounds and other graphics. Many are related to kids and school, but some can also be used to give your website a "country" look or for other purposes. All they ask for using their graphics is a link back.

How do you save these backgrounds to use on your control panel? If you click the smaller picture of the background you like, it will show up full screen. Then, on most computers you can click your right mouse button and choose "Save Background As" to save the file on your computer. You can then upload it on the control panel's background screen using the Browse button to locate the file you saved.

Here is a link directly to their backgrounds page: Backgrounds

The notebook style backgrounds have a nice effect, and many other styles are available. Here's a link directly to one of the notebook style background pages that works well with SiteRightNow: Notebook Style Backgrounds

Cool Text Logos and More at offers a great free tool for creating your own logo without needing a graphics program or a designer. Just make your choices, and the tool creates a fantastic looking logo. You can pick from a wide array of fonts and sizes.

Tip: Click the LOGO link when visiting their site. After making your choices, click the RENDER link to create your logo. Then click your right mouse button on the finished logo and choose Save Picture As to save the logo to your computer. If your computer puts .jpeg on the end, change this to .jpg for compatibility with our system.

Here's a logo we made for SiteRightNow in about 2 minutes:

Click Here to Visit

Bonus! Look for the TEXTURE link on There are some great texture pictures that can be used as BACKGROUNDS on your website. Upload these pictures on your BACKGROUNDS screen for great results. Again, you can click your right mouse button on the picture you want to use, and then choose "save picture as" to save it on your computer to use on your control panel.

Free Image Editing Program XnView
Are your graphics too large when you upload them to your website? Do you need to convert from file formats, such as TIF to formats that will work on the Web, such as JPG and GIF?

You can do this sort of editing in most graphics programs, such as Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Adobe Photoshop. For those of you who don't have access to one of these programs or just want something simpler, we found this great little program that is free to download and use. It will do the job without taking much room on your computer or requiring you to learn a complicated graphics program.

(For Windows Computers. Just 1.5MB)
Click Here to Download

To resize a picture:
1) Select OPEN under FILE or click the second button on the button bar.
2) Select RESIZE under the Image menu, and put in your new settings.
3) Select SAVE AS under file or click the SAVE AS icon (the third picture).
4) Choose JPG for photos and GIF for art next to File Type.
5) When saving in JPG format, you should also click the OPTIONS button and drag the quality bar to somewhere in the middle. This will reduce the file size down without losing much quality. This will help your pages load quicker.
6) Click OK and Click Save.
You also may want to drag a rectangle around the good part of your picture and then select CROP under the Edit menu to cut out the extra before resizing. To get the rectangle, just start dragging your mouse over the picture.

Note: If you are reuploading the picture to your website, make sure you save your resized picture with a different name than the original one you uploaded, such as mypicture2.jpg.
This is a great site with a ton of free graphics, including 3D GIF animations, backgrounds, clip art, and much more! The animated cow shown above on our page can be found on this site.

Microsoft Free Clipart Gallary
Microsoft has thousands of clipart pictures available for many categories. Type in a search word and come up with pages of free graphics.

The way we read Microsoft's acceptable use policy, is that you can use these pictures for free as long as you have a Microsoft program, such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc. This covers most people. As with most free graphics, you can use these graphics for your own projects and are not allowed to resell them to others.

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