Start by selecting your Website domain name ( Enter the name you would like to use below, and see if it is available.
WWW. .

Don't get discouraged if your first choice is taken. The Internet is a huge place, and it is likely that someone else may have already thought of your name. Here are a few tips that may help you:

Tips for Choosing Your Domain Name:

  • Use your company name if possible instead of a "slogan" name, like

  • Try adding a dash. For example, may be taken, but may be available.

  • Consider using .NET instead of .COM. The .NET extension used to be reserved for Internet Service Providers and other network providers, but now it is more common for other businesses to use the .NET extension. Even though may not be available, it is likely that will be available.

  • Try .BIZ This is an extension for business sites. Many good names are still available. It works just like .COM anywhere in the world.

  • Shorter names are preferred. This tip won't help you find a name, but it will help your customers and your marketing department. Try to avoid using long names like A name like may fit easier on your stationery.



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