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  New Click to Zoom Feature
One of the features customers requested was to have an automatic way of clicking a small thumbnail picture and having it enlarge to full size automatically.

It was possible to do this in the past, but it required manually filling in the link box with link helper code.

Now, we added a handy feature that will do this for you automatically with the click of one check box.
Click picture to ZOOMYou will see a picture of the new ZOOM checkbox on the right. After you upload a picture on your control panel, you will see the new ZOOM checkbox appear under your resize picture menu.

<== Try clicking the lady on the left to zoom

Let's say you want to shrink down your picture to a tiny thumbnail. You can select 1/8 Page (tiny) under the resize picture menu. If you check the ZOOM box, this will tell the system to turn on the automatic ZOOM function. When a visitor clicks your small picture, it will open a new window automatically showing the full size picture. You do not have to worry about manually filling in the link box to do this.

There are more features to come. This is the first in a comprehensive auto-thumbnail system that will add even more powerful automatic features.

Look for news on our customer login page as we continue to add new features that will help our customers get the most from their websites and SiteRightNow.com.

Here are the steps to using the new ZOOM feature to enlarge a small thumbnail into the full size picture:
1) First upload your full size picture
2) Go back and choose a smaller size from the resize menu
3) Check the ZOOM box.

When a visitor clicks the small picture, it will enlarge to full size. This feature is supported in the CATALOG and ARTICLES page styles.


Mitch Cohen

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