Support Central On-line Launches SiteRightNow! Instant Websites

August 1, 2000
A Welcome Message by Webmaster, Mitch Cohen
We're open! After two years of development, I am excited to announce the opening of SiteRightNow! This is where you can build a great Website without programming. Create your site as fast as you can think of what you want to say, and get it at a price that almost anyone can afford.
My wife Sherry and I own Support Central, which is a company that has provided computer services in the Midwest since 1988. (In the 90's as the Internet grew, we changed our name to Support Central Online, Inc.)  In recent years, we have focused on Website and database development for area businesses and government.
As we started working on larger and more complex sites, it became obvious that it was going to be difficult for us to service the $2,000 and under Website market. There were a growing number of companies who wanted to get their businesses on-line quickly and easily at a price they could afford. Many of these companies weren't sure if a Website could really help their business, but they felt that they needed an on-line presence to stay competitive. These sites were just too labor intensive for us to offer at a price that these companies could justify. We still wanted to serve this market, so we decided to begin work on an automated tool that would allow us to develop a Website for these customers very quickly.

As a programmer, I needed to create a tool that would do the programming for me. I wanted a tool that was simple enough for anyone to use and that could change an entire Website with the touch of one button. We came up with SiteRightNow, and I am extremely excited about its power and flexibility. At the heart of SiteRightNow is the SiteRightNow Control Panel shown on the right. We packed our Website Design knowledge into the tool, so that we're actually there helping you with your selections along the way. Using your control panel, you make your selections, and we instantly program your pages! No more waiting weeks or months for your project to be completed. All you have to do is organize your thoughts, come up with what you want to say, and the rest is done for you. On your control panel, we will present you with design choices for backgrounds, button styles, divider lines, and more. You can upload your own graphics, input your text, or reorganize all of your pages with a few keystrokes.
What does a SiteRightNow site look like? Well, you're looking at one Right Now! Use our site as an example of what you can do with your Control Panel. Take a look through our pages and think about how you could have an affordable Website RIGHT NOW! I'm so excited about opening our site, I could go on talking forever, but you might be in a hurry to get started. To get started, just click START HERE. You can search for a domain name or use one you already have.

Thanks for visiting SiteRightNow. I encourage you to e-mail me with comments, questions, or suggestions on how we can make SiteRightNow even better.


Mitch Cohen

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