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WebTV users need to use this logon button:

When using the WebTV browser with SiteRightNow, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are two main differences between using WebTV and a computer with Internet Explorer, AOL, or Netscape:
  • The screen is enlarged.
    Since WebTV adjusts the browser window to fit your TV, this makes it necessary for you to scroll up and down to see everything. You will need to use your WebTV scroll command often.

  • Multiple Windows have limited support.
    WebTV displays browser windows differently than other browsers. You will need to scroll down the page to view all of the open windows.

When previewing a page with the red preview button, do the following:
1) Click the red arrow that will come up to return to the control panel.
2) Scroll down the page to see the previewed page. It will be at the bottom of the screen, once you scroll down.
3) Scroll back up to continue to work on your control panel.

If possible, we recommend that you edit your website using a computer with Internet Explorer or Netscape. You will find that everything works much more efficiently than needing to scroll as much as you do on WebTV. If you find any other issues with WebTV, let us know at help@siterightnow.com, and we will run tests using our WebTV test workstations.

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