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User Tips
  Your First Page
Take advantage of the extra help available when creating your first page by logging in with the "Logon With Extra Help" button. This will display additional instructions and tips to make things go smoothly for you.

Also, we think it's a good idea to browse through our Virtual Tour to get an overview of the many features you can use on your control panel.

You will notice a question mark symbol next to most of the options on your control panel. Click these symbols to get additional help.

Keep your Headline Graphics Small

We have noticed that the first thing that many people are doing is uploading their own headline graphic. This is one of the first options you have on your control panel. The headline area appears under your top buttons (if you are using the buttons) and above the main portion of your page (above the white overlay, if you are using one).

Many of the graphics we have seen will work better as part of an article on your page. We suggest using smaller graphics in the page headline (if any), like the ones used on your default pages and the animated "news" graphic shown above. This area is intended to be a small area of the page. If you have a larger graphic you want to use, simply put it in your first article. (see adding a new article below).

On this page, you will notice that we decided not to use a graphic in the headline area. We just used the headline, "User Tips". We put graphics in the articles instead.

Leave out the headline

For many pages, you may decide to leave out a headline altogether. Simply delete any text that is in the HEADLINE TEXT box and click DON'T SHOW under the HEADLINE GRAPHIC.

Adding a New Article, Contact, Event, etc.
At the bottom of your WORK ON CONTENT form, you will find a choice for adding a new article, contact, download, or event (depending on the style of the page). On a new page, you should select "Save Changes and Add a new…" at the bottom of your form and click continue. You will see a new area on your form where you can insert your new article.

You can insert an unlimited number of articles (contacts, events, etc.) to each page simply by using the "Save changes and Add a new …" option at the bottom of the form.

Use Graphics with your Text
Pages that contain some nice graphics will look much more attractive than those that only contain text. If you don't have many graphics of your own, use our on-line library or download graphics from links on our Free Graphics page .

If you have access to a scanner or digital camera, use your own photos to personalize your site. Photos are great to use on a "contact" page. You can include pictures of your members or office staff.

Using the article style, for example, the best looking pages are those that have a graphic or photo to go with each article. You can make a nice looking page by alternating a "left" aligned graphic for the first article and a "right" aligned graphic for the next article. (You will see choices on your form to place a graphic to the left of the article, to the right of the article, below the headline or above the headline.) Give it a try…


We have packed many features into our Control Panel, and we have noticed that every once in awhile someone's browser will stop responding (such as leaving you with a blank screen instead of reloading your control panel). If this ever happens to you, simply click your browser's RELOAD or REFRESH button, and you should be able to continue normally.

Include Music on Your Site
You can include MP3 music files on your Website for your visitors to hear. Check out our Download Music Software page.

To create your own music page, create a new page using the DOWNLOAD style. Upload your MP3 music files to your page. You may also want to include the same software we have on our Download Music Software page for your visitors. You can download these files and put them on your page too.

(Do you want to use one of these BACK buttons on your site?
Just click your LINK HELPER button and check Insert a Back Button)

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