Thumbnails are Here!
by Mitch Cohen Webmaster

The hardest thing about writing this article is figuring out where to begin telling you about all of the new powerful "auto-thumbnail" features we added to your control panel.

The new features make our catalog style very powerful. You can now instantly change your items into a table of small pictures that can be clicked to show a detail view.

You can also use these features to create a photo or picture gallery.

There are many new features, including:
  • Convert your catalog pages into smaller thumbnail pictures automatically in multiple columns!

  • Add 6 more pictures of each catalog item!

  • Create a table of links in multiple columns automatically!

  • Control what happens when someone clicks the thumbnail pictures.

  • Put frames around your thumbnail pictures and thumbnail table.

  • Create a Picture Gallery Instantly

  • Choose different background colors

  • Put in custom captions!

  • Control the color, font and size of your captions

and more....

The best way to learn about the new auto-thumbnail feature is to try it out yourself. I was able to pack all of these features on two simple control panel screens. One screen is used to set your thumbnail options and the other screen is used to control your additional item pictures. You will see the "SET THUMBNAIL OPTIONS" and "ADD MORE PICTURES OF THIS ITEM" buttons on your work on content screen.

The page you are currently viewing was created using the new auto-thumbnail feature. I used one of my favorite features where you can display the thumbnail table in the middle of the page. I also added 6 additional pictures to this item that are shown on the right. Try clicking on the pictures!

For this example, I just used the "Auto Zoom" feature that enlarges the pictures when clicked to full size. This is what you may do for a photo gallery. You also have options to go to a detailed view of your catalog item where it shows information about the product along with a shopping cart button for people to purchase your item!

Here's a tip on using one of the advanced settings to show the thumbnail table in the middle of the page:
You will see on this page that the first article at the top is formatted normally. Then, you see a new thumbnail table in 6 columns. Then you see this section that you are currently reading, which is formatted normally.

To get this effect, you select YES for the reserve HEADER and FOOTER choices you will see near the bottom of your thumbnail options screen. This will format the first article normally and then start your thumbnail section with item or article 2. The thumbnail table will end and then the page concludes with the last item or article, which will be formatted normally.

Finding Where to Add Additional Pictures
The "ADD MORE PICTURES OF THIS ITEM" button is available on your catalog style pages. You will find this button at the bottom of each item section.

I hope you enjoy using the auto-thumbnail features. I think you will find many uses for these features. You may have a site with a large catalog of items, or you may have a family website and you want a cool way to show your family photos. I'm sure that our users will figure out new ways to use the thumbnail features as well.

Look for more new features in the coming months. We listen to our customer comments, and we are always working on improving our product so you can get the most from your website and the Internet.


Mitch Cohen

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