Here are a few of the nice comments we have received from our customers...
I just wanted you to know that I think you deserve an A + in responding to my questions!

You claim that you do follow up right away - and you do!

I was re - reading your stuff and your statement here stuck out!

TIP: We think customer service is the thing that makes us different than our competitors. People can reach us quickly and we do everything possible to help them.

this is from your site - and you do what you say you will!



The SiteRightNow software is so easy to use, we hardly ever need technical assistance. But the few times we do, our problem is addressed and resolved very quickly. When there’s any trouble at all, you get the kind of service that lets you know your issue is as important to them as it is to you. We’ve used SRN for more than ten years now—for all of our web sites—and we’re very comfortable telling anyone undecided that SRN is the way to go. Thanks for your great customer support.
NAR Associates

Customer Testimonial

Hi Mitch,

Just dropping in to let you know that after all these years that I have had my website with your company, I still firmly believe that I made the right decision when I chose Site Right Now out of the 6 companies that I was researching. They all had "do it yourself" web tools and were promising low monthly costs. However, when I eliminated the sites with standard template designs and hidden extra charges, I was left with only one...Yours! I could not have built such a large website with such a beautiful custom page design that works so fast and also allows customers to enlarge and view my artwork on each page, with any other web builder. The other special features that I use, that other sites don't provide for free, is being able to add live links within my text and photos, add unlimited pages (at one point I think I had 136 pages), providing shopping carts that very simple to use and being able to send my changes and have them show up on the search engines immediately!

Thanks for providing an invaluable service and being a dedicated master of your trade.


I will be 70 years old on my next birthday. I must tell you this; this is the best Technical on-line service I have ever received.


Thank you for the update,...I love you guys!!! Nice, friendly, prompt,
always answer your phone. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You respond so quickly that you could teach corporate America a whole new chapter in Customer Service.


My website is up and running; thanks to SiteRightNow website builder. I believe you have the best website builder on the web. I thank God I found this site. It is easy to build a site with this site, and the online help can't be beaten. Thanks again.


I get lots of compliments on my beautiful web site. No one can believe that I built it myself, since I'm rather famous for knowing exactly nothing about computers...
Web sites are always a "work in progress," requiring daily changes and updating. To me, the most attractive part of your wonderful
do-it-yourself program is the speed and ease of making changes. A minute, zip, and they're done. It's actually fun.



Thank you very much for all of your guidance with the website, I was able to erase the "under construction" with your instructions. You should tell all of your potential customers, "If Susie Corker can create a website, ANYBODY can."
Thanks again,
Susanne Corker

Thanks for your time, effort, patience, and knowledge into helping me build my own website. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I was completely ignorant about anything that dealt with building a website until I found your company's website. Just knowing that I can email you and receive an immediate response is the best value a company can offer. But you go a far distance ahead of that by actually providing custom work that's tailored to the needs and wants of the customer. I'm thrilled I found you on the search engines!


I have never dealt with anyone on this Internet who replies to its customers as fast as you folks do at site right now. I could not be happier with your services. Thank you! John

I am having a great time.
The program is awesome, simple to use, and
I would recommend it to anyone!
Thanks again,


     Thank you for your quick and kind response. Because of your taking the time to respond the way you did, and answering my questions one by one, and doing so without making me feel like you were in a big hurry.......... as two others did that are your competition........ actually one has not even responded............ anyway, because of your excellent response, I am now a customer!! You made me feel like you actually wanted my business, and would be there to help if I needed it.
     I passed on a $7.95 per month "deal" in the process. I look forward to building my site, and hopefully being a long term client.
     Thanks again, Robbie

Thank you so much for all of your help. You guys are really great. This is really very simple.


Dear Mitch,

Just wanted to congratulate you on the excellent tool platform you have built. This is truly great and I am recommending your site right left and center.
Thank you so much for your help with the transfer,

best regards,


Thanks for everything..... Everything is working properly. Very, very satisfied here.

I'm glad we went with Site Right Now. Your service has been more than excellent. We will recommend you to anyone looking to start a site.

With service like this your company is sure to grow and grow.
Once again a million thanks!!!!!!!

Here's one of our favorite quotes...

Thank you so much for fixing the email box, --it's really appreciated! I'm so glad we have found such an accommodating home!

This is all so exciting--better than the excitement of having a baby but without the pain!

Best wishes,


     I wanted to let you know that I have only owned a computer for two years and this was my very first attempt at building a website. It was only a few weeks ago that I found out how to type an address into my browsers location bar and press enter to GET to that address! I'm definitely a novice. Your site was just what I needed.

Thanks for all the help. Siterightnow is the coolest thing I've found on the web.



Thanks again for your help and we are getting rave reviews about how the site looks and I give some of that credit to your site's utility and ease of use.


Thank you for your prompt response. We appreciate your commitment to quality service.

It has been awhile since I have contacted you. Everything has been great. I will be updating soon. I love all the great new thing you are adding. I will be taking advantage of it. I appreciate your company. You are the best!!!!!


Mitch, I want to sincerely thank you for your assistance while I was researching what I should do and all of your help during implementation this past week. If you need a reference for a potential customer I will be happy to "talk it up for you". You are a man of your word. It is refreshing to do business with someone like you.

Any more just gets too mushy!

Thanks again.


Thanks Frank and to all of our customers for all of your nice comments. Our number one priority is to work hard to provide prompt customer service along with the features our customers need to get the most from their Websites. Thanks again, and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Mitch Cohen - Webmaster

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