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What's Happening at SiteRightNow.com

by Mitch Cohen  Webmaster

August 1 marks our 10th anniversary on the web!! 

June 2010
I just launched our new blog site at http://blog.siterightnow.com
Please check it out and you can add your own comments. This site goes into great detail about our brand new Professional Storefront Plan.  This is a plan where we can build you a professional ecommerce site with features that you normally would only see on large sites like Amazon.com. But we can build it for you on a budget, and we throw in our web design for free!  It's an amazing plan, and I encourage you to read more about it at http://blog.siterightnow.com


One way we thought we could help our customers generate extra income was by offering a new free affiliate plan. You can generate commission by just inviting your friends to take a look at SiteRightNow.com with our new automatic friend inviter.  When they signup, you automatically receive commission. You will find a new "Make Money by Telling Your Friends" button on your control panel. With our friend inviter, you can automatically send invitations to your friends in Facebook, myspace, twitter, AOL, Yahoo, and many more places. It's quite incredible technology, and I was able to integrate the new friend inviter into our control panel system to make it very easy to use. By helping spread the word about SiteRightNow.com, you are helping us as well, and in turn, we hope we can help you generate some extra cash.  Next time you logon to your control panel, signup for the free affiliate plan and give it a try


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