Locations and Personnel
Cincinnati Office
202 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
PHONE: 513-555-6622
FAX: 513-555-2222
EMAIL: info@cincinnatioffice.com
WEBSITE: http://www.cincinnatioffice.com/
(Note: The information on this page is fictitious and is only intended to be used as an example. The links and e-mail addresses on this page are not real.)
This office is our regional sales headquarters and handles the Midwest territory.
John Markbright
202 Main Street. Suite 444
Cincinnati, OH 45202

PHONE: 555-623-323 ext.233
FAX: 555-623-3232
CELL PHONE: 513-555-7878
EMAIL: john@cincinnatioffice.com
John was elected President in 1998. He has created a number of strong alliances and customer relationships since he has arrived. He has signed branding relationships with major companies in the region, including Procter and Gamble, Jergens, and General Electric.
Mary Ann Stillwater
202 Main Street Suite 443
Cincinnati, OH 45202
PHONE: 513-555-6233 ext. 222
FAX: 513-555-2236
CELL PHONE: 513-555-3263
EMAIL: maryann@cincinnatioffice.com
Mary Ann manages our outside sales team. She wrote the national bestseller, "I Don't Sell, I Just Explain". She manages our sales efforts in toys, soap products, computer chips, cell phones, and sportswear.
Bob Sidewinder
202 Main Street Suite 422
Cincinnati, OH 45242
PHONE: 513-555-3352
FAX: 513-555-2352
CELL PHONE: 513-555-2333
EMAIL: bob@cincinnatioffice.com
Bob was hired last year to manage our corporate Intranet along with our other information technologies. He has installed a wireless network with new high-speed HDR broadband connections to link our Cincinnati office to our other offices throughout the country. Bob recently left Microsoft to come back to his hometown in Cincinnati. Welcome home Bob!

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