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Satisfaction Guarantee - Refunds during the first 30 days
If you are not satisfied for any reason and choose to stop service anytime during your first 30 days after signup, you are eligible for a refund (see below on the procedure for stopping service).  Domain name registration fees are not refundable. If you signed up already having your own domain name, you would be refunded the full amount of your first month's billing. If you paid for a domain, we would refund you the difference between the amount billed and the price you paid for the domain. For plans that included a free domain, we will deduct $9.95 from your refund amount. The domain is yours to use with your new service provider. You can point the name according to their specifications using our domain change request form at:
Registrars do not offer us refunds on the domains we purchase, but the domain is still yours to use, if you decide to cancel.

Page Setup Project Fees 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer a la carte web design projects. We bill for these projects after we successfully receive information back via email from our initial request. If you decide you no longer wish for us to work on the project, or if you are unhappy with the project and contact us within 30 days of being billed for the project, you are eligible for a refund of the project amount that we billed. The request to stop the project or for a refund must be received in writing to Note, that we do not offer any sort of compensation or refunds for unused hours that were part of your plan or monthly maintenance.

After the initial 30 days.
You can stop your service at any time by following the procedure below. We only bill you one month at a time.  Future monthly charges will stop after we receive the online closing form.  If no balance is due on your account, your website will remain active until the end of your current billing month (30 days from the last time we billed you.)  Refunds are not granted after the initial 30 days of signup. Billing simply stops at the time you close your account, and we will provide you with the rest of your month's website service before shutting down your website (unless you request that we shut it down sooner, but a refund for a partial month is not available).

When closing your account, you have the options to have us "park" your website or put your website into "hibernation". Currently, we charge $25 to park (save) your website on our servers for up to 1 year. This fee includes a domain renewal during the year. At any time during the year, you may e-mail us at to have us reactivate your account. The $25 parking fee is charged when you choose this option on our close account form, and is non-refundable.

The Hibernation option puts your site on hold for up to 3 months for no charge, and the billing stops during these months. This is a great option for seasonal businesses or for members who just need a break for a few months. Your site comes back on the way you left it and billing resumes automatically at the end of the hibernation period.

60 Days Disputes:
We will be happy to look into an issue you may have with our billing on your credit card or bank statement. However, any billing disputes for billings 60 days or older will not be honored. The account holder has the responsibility to inform us in a timely manner of any disputes.

Stopping Service
To stop service and stop future billings, members need to cancel by filling out the appropriate online closing form. Contact us at with the name of your website,  and we will send back the official account closing form link for your plan. Website accounts are only canceled once our system receives the official form filled out online by the website account holder. The system will give you a chance to print out a receipt with a time and date stamp for proof of when you canceled and provides our system with a written record. Your "closing form" receipt is needed for any disputes. Accounts continue to be billed monthly until an official closing form has been received by our system. We do not monitor website usage. We are obligated to continue to provide service until a closing form has been submitted by the account holder.

Don't forget we're here to help you!
If you have trouble figuring things out, remember we're here to help you. That's what we do best! Give us a chance to help and contact us. Here is our contact page with details:


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