Questions about Previewing Your Page
Q: When I view my home page, it doesn't show my changes. What's going on?
A: Most likely, your browser is playing tricks on you by showing you an old version of the page in its memory cache. Make sure you click the SEND RIGHT NOW button and then use the RED PREVIEW ARROW to look at your site. This will show you the most recent version. You can always trust the red preview arrow after clicking Send Right Now to show you what other people are seeing. Because you view your home page so often, your computer tries to be helpful by just bringing up your page from memory instead of checking for a new version. We use a code on the red preview arrow to force your browser to show you the new version.

If you would like to clear the memory cache, here's what you can do (but really, you can just trust the red preview arrow and not have to worry about doing this):

click your MY AOL button, select Preferences, click WWW, and choose DELETE FILES. After doing this, restart AOL and try viewing your page again.

On Internet Explorer:
Select TOOLS/ Internet Options/ Delete Temporary Files. Restart your browser
and try again.

Also, on Windows computers, you can press your F5 key once or twice, which will usually refresh your browser and show you the changes

Q: My pages still say Under Construction. How do I take this off?
A: Each page by default is set as "under construction", so you can work in private. When your page is ready for the world to view, click the ACTIVE button next to Page Status on your control panel. Do this on each page that should be active. Click your SEND RIGHT NOW button to update your live website with your changes.

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