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Mitch Cohen - Webmaster
Getting noticed on the Internet is a challenge that all on-line businesses face.  If people can't find your website without you needing to spend a fortune, it will be difficult to make a go of it. With the big companies getting larger with bigger budgets, it makes it very difficult for the little guy to compete. 

There are a number of ways to get noticed on the Internet. You could make a funny video on YouTube!! But, for most businesses, they need good placement on Google and other search engines, so when people are looking for what they offer they show up in the list.  Google offers a paid service called Google AdWords that is very expensive. Some other website companies will offer you a $50 off coupon to pay for Google AdWords. This might last you one afternoon!  For many businesses, they may spend $50, $100, $500, or more than $1000 PER DAY on Google AdWords to get top positions. This just isn't practical for most small businesses.  A $50 off coupon won't do you much good. It will be gone in one afternoon as I said earlier. You would need a very large budget to use the Google AdWords system for the long term.

So what can you do? Google and most search engines still offer free listings. It just takes more work to get noticed, since you are competing with thousands and sometimes millions of other businesses all trying to get noticed.  At, we have run into similar challenges with debating whether it was worth paying Google and others their high prices for search engine positioning or whether we can get good placement for free using "SEO" strategies (Search Engine Optimization). Over the past few months, we have moved to more free listings, and we have had very good success using our Marketing Pro plan on our own website!  I remember asking the staff, "Why aren't we on our Marketing Pro plan?" So we gave it a go ourselves, and it is working well for us.  You will find us on the first page of Google for phrases like "make my own website"... "How to make my own website" and many others.

Our Marketing Pro plan uses this approach:

1) AUTOMATIC WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS: We submit your site automatically from our office using  powerful submission software. Your site goes to over 1000 search engines and directories every week! (note, some go every other week, depending on how often the search engine allows submissions). Our submitter has worked very well with getting people listed, and we also thinks it helps with getting changes picked up more quickly.

2) PERSONAL SITE REVIEWS:  You can request a personal site review by one of our staff once a month. We think this is a key part of our plan. We have real people who are very knowledgeable about search engine behavior look through your website and give you advice on what you might want to change. We give you advice on what you can do that we think will improve your positioning. We can also give you similar advice if you find you are getting traffic, but no one is ordering. We can take a look through your site to help you figure out how to get the most from your website.

3) MARKETING POWER TOOLS:  We provide you with 14 tools on your control panel to help you analyze what is happening, get advice on search engine key words, track your progress and more.

 All of this we give you FREE as part of your monthly plan, and we think it will give you a fighting chance to get your site noticed.




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