The green screen shown above is where you control the background of your header area:

  • Gradient  Choose YES to turn gradients on (this is the default). The new "gradient" feature is one that really exited me when I first got it to work. It gives you lots of power to change the look of your header.  All newer browsers support showing a gradient fill where the color can blend from one color to another color.  I was able to adapt the various gradient styles to the SiteRightNow control panel. First choose a START COLOR using the start color selection button. Then choose an END COLOR using the end color selection button.  You will instantly see the gradient appear in the window.  You can change the direction of the gradient, which will change the fill effect. For SiteRightNow's header, I liked how it looked going from TOP to BOTTOM.   I decided to only support the "linear" type of gradient in this first update. It was mainly a time decision so I could get the system turned on for everyone as soon as possible.  I may add other types gradient effects as part of the major upgrade project I have been working.
  • Standard Color Fill: Choosing NO next to Gradient will turn off the gradient feature and simply fill the header with the start color that you choose. The end color is ignored.
  • Upload a Banner: As an alternative to using background color fills, you can simply upload a banner graphic that you want to display as the background of your header. You can use Photoshop or other graphics programs to create these. For some customers this may be all you need done to your header and you can ignore the rest. Click the Upload button to select your banner graphic.  You can choose either "Stretch" or "Tile" as the way to display your banner graphic. Stretch will force the system to fill the entire header area with the banner graphic. The picture may distort.  Tile will keep the picture the original size and show it multiple times to fill up the header space. TIP: To keep the picture from distorting, you can design your banner graphic with the proper dimensions to match your header width and header height in a program such as Photoshop.

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