The FAQ Style
Q: What does a FAQ page look like, and why would you want to use one?
A: You're looking at an FAQ page right now! FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This type of page is great to use to provide information to your customers or members.

Q: How many questions can you have, and how many different FAQ pages can you have?
A: You can include as many Questions/Answers sections and as many FAQ pages as you want. You can organize them in groups using your "Sub-page" feature.

Q: Can I change the colors and sizes of the Q's and A's that show at the beginning of each question and answer?
A: Yes, you have complete control over size and color of the Q's and the A's that proceed each quetsion. On this page, we used the default settings, which provide an oversized blue "Q" and the same size red "A".

Calendar Style

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