Requesting Authpro Installation
Authpro is a password protection system you can add to you your website. You can use Authpro along with PayPal to sell membership packages.

To signup with Authpro, you would visit their site at Most customers will want to upgrade to their Deluxe plan to support an unlimited number of users.

Also, if you are selling a membership, we will need to know your PayPal email address. If you haven't signed up for your PayPal account, visit our Instant Ecommerce page by CLICKING HERE.

Please fill out the information requested below. It usually takes us 24-48 hours to complete your installation after receiving your form.

Fill out the following information to help us install your options:

Your Name: *
E-mail: *
Website Domain Name: *
Authpro ID: *
Authpro Password: *
PayPal email address: *
Membership Package Name: *
Price: *
How will you bill?:*
What is the name of your main page you want to protect?: *
Where do you want to put the member's logon button? (which page): *
Where do you want to put the PayPal button(s)? (which page): *

If you have more than one package you are selling, please include the appropriate information in the box below for each package.

Please include the name, the price, and the term of each package. Please do not enter more than 2 additional packages.

Additional Package information:

(Fields marked with * are required)

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