Make Money by Adding Affiliate Links on Your Website!
You may have heard that there is a way to make money on your website by just putting a link on your page. This is true! You can become an affiliate partner with popular retailers, such as Bass Pro Shops, Barnes and Noble, and many others. There are literally thousands of opportunities on the World Wide Web for you to become an affiliate partner and start making extra money by simply pasting a link on your website.

Here's how it works:
1) You signup to participate in an affiliate program. This is usually free.
2) You paste a link that the retailer sends you (usually via e-mail) on your website. You can paste most of this type of code directly into any of your article text boxes on your SiteRightNow control panel.
3) When people visit your website and click the link on your page or purchase items from the retailer from your link, you receive a check! The retailer usually sends you a check once a month with your commission!

Over the past few months, customers have requested more information on available affiliate programs. The beFree Affiliate Information Center is a great place to start where you can join 100's of affiliate programs in one place. The signup process is simple, and it is very easy to read about the different offerings to find ones you like.

Click to Visit the beFree Affiliate Information Center

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